Sponsored Content–Unions vs. Scott Walker

Sponsored Content–Unions vs. Scott Walker

If you thought the Union-led recall campaign against Scott Walker would be his toughest race – you were wrong. 

A new independent poll shows that he is in a TIE with his Democratic opponent for re-election.

And it’s because national unions and a dozen liberal Super PACs are planning to outspend conservatives.

Governor Walker won’t be able to survive, and win this key swing state, without our support.

The conservative policies he championed are the blueprint for fundamentally reforming government. They’re a positive vision for how we can make government work without dominating our lives.

But his liberal opponent wants to repeal it, and a new poll shows her big government campaign is working. 


The nation’s largest union, the AFL-CIO, is spending $300 million this year to defeat conservatives like Governor Walker. Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, Ready for Hillary, a George Soros group and other liberal Super PACs are already spending millions to attack him. On top of that, we see how the liberal media tries to go after him on a nearly daily basis.

Conservatism is under attack in Wisconsin, and it’s urgent that the Walker Campaign hear back from you today.

If Conservatives sit this out liberals will outspend him. Contributions from the hard-working taxpayers are the only way Scott Walker can defend conservatism where it’s under the heaviest of attacks. 

Democrats and their allies want to make an EXAMPLE out of him. They’re threatening: ‘If you pursue a conservative agenda, we will bury you in attack ads.’

Governor Walker refuses to back down, and he won’t stand by idly as national Unions bus in supporters and liberal Super PACs funnel money into big TV buys. 

He’s pledged to continue to push for the reforms we know make government work for taxpayers:

Stand up to Union bullies

Lower taxes

Cut red tape that prevents job growth

Eliminate government fraud and abuse

You can help him stand up to the Union bullies. Conservatives don’t have to take this abuse. We can fight back.

Liberals see this race as their chance to squash conservatism and destroy our national success story.

The stakes are high because they know Scott is not finished yet, and that scares them. He is putting taxpayers back in charge of government.

But he doesn’t have access to a Union war chest like his opponent. He depends on activists like you who help defend conservatism $10 at a time. Can he count on you this time?

This sponsored content was paid for by Friends of Scott Walker, Kate Lind, Treasurer.


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