White House Places No Ebola Travel Restrictions

White House Places No Ebola Travel Restrictions

Despite his recent proclamation that the Ebola virus presents a “growing threat to regional and global security,” the Obama administration is not recommending any travel restrictions to areas affected by the virus.

Appearing before African leaders at the United Nations in New York on September 26, the president said, “There’s still a significant gap between where we are and where we need to be.”

“Stopping Ebola is a priority for the United States,” Obama continued. “We will continue to lead and do our part. But this must also be a priority for the world.”

But as the President prepares his response to the growing threat, it appears that travel restrictions to infected areas are not in his plans.

Claiming that chances of a US epidemic of the virus are “incredibly low,” presidential spokesman Josh Earnest said that careful medical screening in West African airports is enough to safeguard America from Ebola.

“The reason for that is that it is not possible to transmit Ebola through the air… The only way that an individual can contract Ebola is by coming into contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is exhibiting symptoms,” Earnest told the media.

These plans were announced even as the country was shocked to find that Ebola had officially reached American shores with a case identified in Texas.

But one immigration expert is already saying that the administration is directly responsible for allowing Ebola to get into the USA.

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