Bobby Jindal: Ban Flights From 'Ebola Stricken' Countries

Bobby Jindal: Ban Flights From 'Ebola Stricken' Countries

Lousiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Friday that President Obama should restrict travel from “Ebola stricken” countries. 

“We should stop accepting flights from countries that are Ebola stricken. Even countries in Africa have cut back on or stopped accepting flights from countries with Ebola outbreaks,” Jindal said in a statement.

“President Obama said it was ‘unlikely’ that Ebola would reach the U.S. Well, it has, and we need to protect our people. But the Obama Administration keeps saying they won’t shut down flights. They instead say we should listen to ‘the experts.’ In fact, they said it would be counterproductive to stop these flights. That statement defies logic. How exactly would stopping the entry of people potentially carrying the Ebola virus be counterproductive? This seems to be an obvious step to protect public health in the United States,” Jindal added.

Restrict travel has quickly become a hot button political issue after a Liberian man was confirmed to have Ebola in Texas.


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