Michael Savage: ‘If you like your Ebola, you can keep your Ebola’

Michael Savage: ‘If you like your Ebola, you can keep your Ebola’

Dr. Michael Savage explained in an interview on Saturday that the U.S has sunk to the level of the Soviet Union in the 1950s, where government-controlled science and a government-controlled press were a way of life.

“There are no more independent voices that we know are in medicine or science anymore,” the conservative radio icon told Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow on Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius XM Patriot, channel 125.

Marlow introduced Savage as being on the front lines, along with the Drudge Report and Breitbart News, in alerting the nation about the threat of Ebola at home. The radio broadcasting giant just finished his thirtieth book, which he promises will be his last non-fiction work, called Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth.

Savage, not known for pulling his punches, came out swinging in the interview, stating that he holds Obama responsible for intensifying the Enterovirus D-68 epidemic in the U.S. with “his unaccompanied minors from Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, where the virus is endemic.” Now that American children are getting D-68, which Savage referred to as a mystery virus, “Not a public health official in the entire nation will even ask the question: could it be related to them,” he says.

Savage, a PhD from the University of California who studied epidemiology as well as botany and nutrition, has been studying epidemics for a long time and insists that the Obama administration has violated “every rule of science, medicine, public health, and epidemiology.” He said passionately, “What Obama is doing is a crime against humanity. There is no other way around this, it is all lies.”

As far as Ebola is concerned, Savage says, “If you like your Ebola, you can keep your Ebola; it is part of the new Obamacare plan.”

According to Savage, Obama is not the only culprit in the mishandling of Ebola. Savage is not too impressed with Dr. Tom Frieden either: “You listen to that fraud at the CDC – the man should be arrested for lying to the public. Every day he changes his story: ‘You can’t get it on a bus, you can get it on a bus. It’s not airborne, it might be airborne.’ I mean are they kidding? This is a nation whose health is being destroyed by this administration.”

This is only the tip of the iceberg, claims Savage. He hopes that the Ebola epidemic will wake people up to how incompetent they are or to how “demonic” they are. He admits it doesn’t really matter which it is, because the end result is the same.

Savage stressed that liberals have to be voted out of office and recited a line from his 2005 book: Liberalism is a mental disorder. He once heard that hell is a place where there is no reason, so that is where the left is taking us.

“Their religion is liberalism; their orthodoxy is that of open borders, if you say to them, wait a minute this is dangerous; if you show them the proof that things are going bad, they are not going to listen to you. It’s their religion,” he said.

Fortunately, it’s not too late to control the Ebola situation, says Savage, and he believes that epidemics can be contained and controlled. The big word is “quarantine,” he emphasized.

“If you look at Africa, at the Ebola-stricken nations, the surrounding African nations have forbidden all travel between the nations that are stricken and their own. What does that tell us? That third world dictatorships in Africa are run by more intelligent men than Barack Obama,” he said.

Savage argued that it’s not that difficult to contain Ebola. “You have to close down all travel to West Africa and quarantine any individual who is coming in from those nations. Frankly ,they shouldn’t be let into the country. Why do you think we are seeing airport scares, airport shut downs, maintenance workers refusing to clean planes? They are not stupid. It’s their survival instincts kicking in. They are going to listen to this moron at the CDC saying go clean up the vomit on an airplane, you’ll be safe? Let him go clean it up and get it on his Windsor knot.”

What the Obama administration and the CDC are doing, according to Savage, “violates the first rule of the science of epidemiology: you don’t bring people in from an area where there is an infectious killing disease into a nation where it didn’t exist.”

Savage said the civil war he writes about in his new book was started the first day that Obama seized power, the day he said he was going to be a transformational president. He ridiculed Obama’s notion that the country needed to be transformed: “You mean the country wasn’t good enough until the man who was discovered in the reeds of Lake Michigan floating in a papyrus basket arrived on the scene?

“Transform what, wreck the greatest medical system in the world, weaken the greatest military in the world, debase the school system,” he asks.

Savage affirms that his book is an indictment against this administration and the crimes they have committed against this country. “It should be the basis for impeachment by the Republican party, when they finally are granted the power they are demanding,” Savage states, regarding the upcoming power grab the GOP is hoping to achieve in November.

“He’s declared a civil war on every institution in the country, and we have to fight back. Not with guns, not with bombs. I’m talking about a revolution at the ballot box to begin with. That’s my hope. We have 25 days left to cause this revolution at the ballot box, and then the fun begins. That’s when the job begins,” he said.

“What I’m saying in this book is treason has been committed here, it’s been committed openly. As far as I know, not one Republican operative or group has said, ‘Savage, we love the book.’ We know we have an upward battle, but what are we going to do? Stop fighting? Breitbart and Drudge fight the fight every day. We on radio try to fight the fight ever day. We don’t know where this ends, but what we do know is that the narcissist in the White house is completely out of control.”

Savage brought up Obama’s speech in SF on Friday,in which Obama said, “If our people vote, if young people vote, if women vote, if people of color vote, if people who care about the environment vote, if people who care about LGBT rights vote,” Obama said, “that’s a majority. That’s a majority. That’s a majority!”

Savage observed that Obama is declaring war on “white heterosexuals who are somewhat traditional, not necessarily faith oriented, that he is targeting that class of people… everything the man does is sort of a racial war… it’s a war of race and gender orientation. And he’s saying they have the majority. I mean, it’s pretty astonishing. The man who is suppose to be the President of the American people, dividing people like this. It’s shocking.”

Given Savage’s expertise on nutrition, on a final note Marlow asked Savage what he thought of Michelle Obama’s dietary dictates for school children. Savage replied that they want to be “monitoring our every word, controlling what we eat and drink, think and speak. 

“In 1991, I wrote a book called The Skeptical Nutritionist. The first line was about ‘food fascism.’ It reads: ‘If you can control a person’s diet, you can control everything they do.’ This is not about health per say, even though some of her suggestions make sense; this is about social control through food control.”


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