GOP Hammers Hagan Over Recent Controversies

GOP Hammers Hagan Over Recent Controversies

The North Carolina Republican Party has launched a new website aimed at highlighting Sen. Kay Hagan’s (D-NC) efforts to avoid discussing recent controversies as she pursues her bid for reelection against Republican state House Speaker Thom Tillis. 

“Senator Kay Hagan’s career in the Senate hasn’t made North Carolina proud and that’s why she’s hiding her record from the media and voters,” NC GOP executive director Todd Poole charged this week. “Senator Hagan skipped a hearing on ISIS to attend a New York cocktail fundraiser, has covered-up the fact that her family received a stimulus payday, is giving a silent approval of President Obama’s plan for executive amnesty, and is refusing to participate in the October 21 TWC News debate.”

The party is now sending “duck,” or rather person dressed like a duck, around the state of North Carolina to bring more attention to the website and Hagan’s “ducking” of issues.

Tuesday the duck will be in downtown Fayetteville at the Market House. Monday, it was at the U.S.S. North Carolina in Wilmington. 

“Hagan has lost track of her priorities during her time in Washington. National security is the foremost responsibility of our elected officials, yet Hagan can’t be bothered to show up to even half of her hearings on the Armed Services Committee,” NC GOP spokesman William Allison said in a statement Tuesday. “Our yellow-feathered friend will provide a fine example of Senator Hagan ducking her responsibilities as U.S. Senator in favor of hobnobbing with millionaires on Park Ave.”

Meanwhile the National Republican Campaign Committee announced Monday it has purchased some $6 million in ads for during the final stretch in the campaign. According to the Associated Press, NRSC spokesman Brad Dayspring explained the new influx in cash was due to internal polling revealing independents moving in Tillis’ direction.

“The perception among undecided voters is that Sen. Hagan has been asleep at the wheel in Washington,” he wrote in a statement.

And Tuesday, the Tillis Campaign again took Hagan to task in a press release for “intentionally deceiving reporters” about skipping an Armed Services Committee hearing for a fundraiser.

“It’s time for Kay Hagan to stop hiding from voters and the media and explain why she deceived the public about her dismal Armed Services Committee attendance record and chose her campaign over our national security,” Tillis spokesman Daniel Keylin said in a statement. 


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