'White Boy' Joe Biden Calls Tea Party 'Crazy' in Meeting with Black Clergy

'White Boy' Joe Biden Calls Tea Party 'Crazy' in Meeting with Black Clergy

Vice President Joe Biden is once again proving that his mouth has a mind of its own after meeting with a group of black clergymen in South Carolina. During the meeting Biden told attendees he is a “white boy” who thinks the Tea Party is “crazy” and a “different breed of cat, man.”

CNN was afforded a written report of remarks Biden made among a gathering of ministers in a private meeting after a public campaign event at Allen University, a historically black university in Columbia.

Among some of the odd comments Biden made was his statement that he was “the only white boy on the east side of Wilmington (Delaware).”

Attacking the tea party, Biden said, “This is not your father’s Republican Party.” Biden continued, “This is a different breed of cat, man. I am not making a moral judgment, but I will tell you that they have no judgment.”

Biden claimed that conservatives, Republicans, and the Tea Party represent “dire consequences” for blacks.

If they win again, we are going to get no consensus on anything for the next two, four, six years. But if we beat some of these folks, it’s going to give some spine to the Republicans who know better. If we win, we’ll turn things around. There will begin to be consensus.

Biden also indulged Obama’s favorite pastime: class warfare.

“Corporate profits have soared,” Biden said before attacking, “these guys running hedge funds in New York.” He insisted that the “one percent” are hurting America. “How can that possibly be fair?” he said.

“The biggest problem is income inequality,” Biden said. “Because when income inequality spreads, economies shrink because folks don’t have money to spend.”

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