Michelle Nunn Fails to Denounce Race-Baiting Ferguson Mailers in Georgia Senate Race

Michelle Nunn Fails to Denounce Race-Baiting Ferguson Mailers in Georgia Senate Race

Georgia Senate Democratic Nominee Michelle Nunn said in an online interview on Thursday that she believes in using the death of Ferguson, Missouri resident Mike Brown as a “platform to have a conversation” in her campaign. When asked twice if she denounced the Ferguson-focused mailers the Georgia Democratic Party sent out on her behalf to black voters, she refused to do so.

The Georgia Democratic Party recently sent mailers to black voters in the state that reference the fatal police-involved shooting of Brown. One flyer says, “If we want a better, safer future for our children, it’s up to us to vote for change. The choices may not always be perfect, but the cost of inaction is simply too great.” Another flyer with two black children on it says, “If you want to prevent another Ferguson in their future…”

“Would you like to take the opportunity to denounce that or comment on that?” Nunn was asked by the interviewer from the website FetchYourNews.com.

“First of all, as I’ve been traveling around the state, I’m really focused on getting everybody to come out. We’re best served in our state and in our country when we have full participation and representation. So as it relates to Ferguson, first and foremost, I respond to it as a mother–as someone who sees a loss of a child–someone who is going off to college in just a few days,” she said.

The Georgia Democrat explained, “I think we need to use Ferguson as a platform to have a conversation with our communities around what kind of society we want–how do we ensure equal justice and equal treatment under the law. And then, I think we need to encourage everybody to participate in our democracy and that means having conversations about it, and it also means voting. That’s what people have the opportunity to do. That’s what we’re pushing in the next 12 days.”

Nunn was asked again if she denounced the Ferguson-themed mailers, and she responded:

“As I said, I focused on reflecting upon what’s happening in Ferguson and using it as a platform to have a conversation in moving forward in terms of talking about how do we ensure everybody has their voice heard going forward for the state and for the dynamism of the democracy.”


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