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National Journal: Scott Brown Has Chance to Win Thanks to 'Nationalized' Campaign

National Journal: Scott Brown Has Chance to Win Thanks to 'Nationalized' Campaign

From National Journal:

In the last month, Scott Brown has transformed the New Hampshire Senate race into an unexpected, nail-biting contest. The state’s unique sensitivity to nationalized politics, and its proclivity to ride the wave, is at the core of his success.

Initially, Brown’s chances of capturing the Senate seat appeared slim to none. The former Massachusetts senator faced charges that he was a carpetbagger and was forced to fight off accusations that his candidacy was blatantly opportunistic. Yet Brown has found his footing in recent weeks by parroting one of the most popular attack themes on the campaign trail this cycle: Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is in lockstep with President Obama, who has a 39 percent approval rating in the state.

“It feels like a significantly different race than it did a month ago,” says longtime Republican operative and former New Hampshire Attorney General Tom Rath. “There is no question the president’s slide in New Hampshire is dramatic. The Brown campaign has done a very good job making that the central theme of this race.”

Rath says he’s not confident Brown can win, but if he does, it’s because the former senator has run one of the best nationalized campaign of the cycle in a place where voters love to be part of a good swing election.

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