Obama Tells Hecklers He's 'Sympathetic' to Amnesty

Obama Tells Hecklers He's 'Sympathetic' to Amnesty

On Sunday, President Barack Obama said he was “sympathetic” to amnesty advocates and DREAMers who heckled him during a campaign appearance for Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy (D). 

Obama’s speech was reportedly interrupted “at least four times by hecklers,” according to pool reports. One woman shouted that she was a “DREAMer” and demanded amnesty while another heckler wore a shirt that said “Obama Deports Parents.” Two other hecklers “shouted down the president for several minutes near the stage.”

Obama, who delayed his executive amnesty until after the midterms to help Democrats retain control of the Senate, blamed Republicans for “blocking immigration reform.”

“That’s one more reason we need a Democratic Senate,” Obama said.

He said he was “sympathetic” to amnesty advocates before pointing out that, “unfortunately folks get frustrated, and they yell at everybody.” 

DREAMers also heckled Michelle Obama last week when she was in Connecticut campaigning for Malloy.


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