Exclusive — Gov. Sununu: Vote For Scott Brown, GOP Candidates To 'Restore Sanity' To NH Government

Exclusive — Gov. Sununu: Vote For Scott Brown, GOP Candidates To 'Restore Sanity' To NH Government

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Under Democratic rule in New Hampshire, there’s been “insanity,” former Gov. John Sununu told Breitbart News exclusively on Sunday night at a campaign event for former Sen. Scott Brown and the rest of the state’s GOP candidates on the ticket. To “restore sanity” to New Hampshire’s political system, Sununu said voters statewide need to vote a straight Republican ticket–for Brown, for GOP gubernatorial nominee Walt Havenstein, for either Republican Frank Guinta or Republican Marilinda Garcia in the House races, and so on.

“It’s important that people vote top to bottom to get rid of the Democrat in the corner office, Maggie Hassan,” Sununu said. “Vote for Walt Havenstein, you got to vote for Scott Brown and you got to keep going on down that line so that we can restore sanity to the state of New Hampshire.”

Sununu was one of Mitt Romney’s top national surrogates in the 2012 election. He told Breitbart News earlier this cycle that given all the world crises like Ebola, ISIS, immigration and more that he understated his case for Romney in 2012. In this brief interview at the final campaign event for Brown and all the other GOP candidates, Sununu said that this race encompasses every issue that’s “critical” to the future of the United States of America and to New Hampshire.

“Look, you have all the critical issues,” Sununu said. “You have national security. You have concerns at the border. You have concerns about the economy. You have concerns about Ebola. All of these things affect the security of Americans. Obama has been wrong 100 percent of the time. If Shaheen has been voting with him 99 percent of the time, she’s been wrong 99 percent of the time. You know what? Democrats kind of stick together whether it’s right or wrong. They’ll do the same thing if she gets re-elected.”

Sununu added that despite claims from incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and her allies like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Massachusetts liberal Democratic Sen. Liz Warren (D-MA) that Brown is “fear mongering,” these are legitimate concerns of voters.

“Every American today is afraid of the economy continuing to not recover,” Sununu said. “They’re afraid of insecurity at the border. Everyone talks about Ebola, but the fact is that our insecurity at the southern border has brought in flu viruses that are hurting people. Scott’s not fear mongering. It’s the public that’s afraid right now of Obama’s policies.”


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