Border Resident: More Illegals 'Every Time' Obama 'Opens His Mouth About Immigration'

Border Resident: More Illegals 'Every Time' Obama 'Opens His Mouth About Immigration'

Residents along the U.S.-Mexico border have noticed that the number of illegal immigrants trying to unlawfully enter the United States increases every time President Barack Obama “opens his mouth” regarding amnesty. 

According to a KRGV report, “foot traffic is once again on the rise” along the U.S.-Mexico border in Brooks County, Texas after reports came out last week that Obama may enact his executive amnesty for as many as five million illegal immigrants as early as this week. Dr. James Vickers, a Brooks County resident, told the outlet that, “We had two groups, Sunday a week ago. Seven of them gave up to me. They were Hondurans and Salvadorans.” 

“Every time he opens his mouth about immigration and what he’s gonna do, there’s a huge negative impact on us that live out here along the border, especially in the rural areas where all the smuggling trails are,” Vickers said. “There’s no question if he takes an executive action for some kind of an immigration issue that allows amnesty, allows them to stay here. We’re gonna be covered up again. There’s gonna be another wave, a flood of people coming from all over the world to get in here.”

When Obama unilaterally gave a group of illegal immigrants amnesty with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in 2012, it spurred a flood of illegal immigrant juveniles from Central America to make harrowing journeys to America in search for amnesty and “permisos” that they thought would allow them to remain in the country indefinitely.


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