Female Concealed Carry Up 793 Percent In El Paso County, Colorado

Female Concealed Carry Up 793 Percent In El Paso County, Colorado

In El Paso County, Colorado–a county encompassing more than 2,158 square miles and the cities of Colorado Springs and Fountain–concealed carry for females jumped “793 percent” between 2005 and 2013. 

That is not a typo–it was a “793 percent” jump.

According to Colorado Springs’ KKTV, area gun instructors have not been surprised by the jump. 

For example, when Germaine Adams founded the Rocky Mountain Tactical Ladies Shooting Club, she described it as “a knitting club with guns.” She said others in the club think of it the same way.

Adams said women approach her because their husband is out of town, or deceased, or their grown son is no longer in the house, and the woman realizes it’s up to her to keep the remaining family members safe. Others talk about taking their grandsons on a day trip, and they want the ability to protect their own lives and their grandson’s life while out and about.

Many of the ladies who’ve acquired their concealed carry permits also said they did so simply because shooting is so much fun. They love to go to the range and shoot and continually increase their proficiency with firearms. 

Jill Freeman is one the El Paso County female concealed carry permit holders. She said, “I hope I never have to use it. If so, I just want to be prepared.”

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