AZ DREAMers Apply for Driver’s Licenses, Taunt Gov. Brewer: ‘Take That!’

Diego Lozano/Arizona DREAM Act Coalition
Diego Lozano/Arizona DREAM Act Coalition

On Monday, DREAMers in Arizona taunted Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) as they started to apply for driver’s licenses.

“Take that [Gov. Brewer]!” Erika Andiola, a DREAMer who has confronted GOP Reps. like Steve King (R-IA), declared.

Nearly 22,000 DREAMers in Arizona who received temporary amnesty under President Barack Obama’s 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program can apply for driver’s licenses on Monday after a federal judge issued an injunction blocking Brewer’s ban on licenses. That judge’s injunction came after the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision to deny Brewer’s request to stay a lower court ruling.

Immediately after the Supreme Court denied Brewer’s request for a stay, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals “instructed U.S. District Court Judge David Campbell to issue a preliminary injunction blocking” Brewer’s ban, which he did on Thursday, ordering the state to allow DREAMers to apply for licenses starting on Monday.

State officials are reportedly “expecting a rush of immigrant applicants in the weeks ahead.

Brewer issued an executive order prohibiting DREAMers from applying for driver’s licenses in 2012, which the Ninth Circuit decided was likely to be unconstitutional. Arizona has until February 22 to ask the Supreme Court to review the case.


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