PSA Encourages Kids to Steal Parents’ Guns, Take Them to School

Rejina Sincic / YouTube

On December 13, Sleeper 13 Productions released a PSA titled “Stop Gun Violence.” It encourages kids to steal their parents’ guns and take them to school.

The PSA was originally posted to YouTube, and has since been pulled. But it is still available on Sleeper 13 Productions’ Facebook page.

It shows a boy walk downstairs from his room, peek around the corner by the stairs to be sure his mom is distracted, then go back upstairs and dig through a drawer in her room to find a handgun. Upon finding it, he picks it up—with his finger on the trigger—and walks from her room to his room with the gun in his hand. He then places the gun in his backpack.

The camera then cuts to a school hallway, then a school classroom. A piano plays dramatic music, and students go about their day and then depart the classroom when classes end. After all of the other students have left, the boy walks up to his female teacher, reaches in his backpack, and pulls out the gun.

She is startled.

He then lays the gun on her desk and says: “Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.”

Were students to see this PSA and act on it, numerous laws would be broken—one of which is stealing a firearm. The student who placed the stolen firearm in his backpack and carried it school would face charges for being a minor in possession of a handgun, for illegally concealing a firearm, for bringing a firearm into a gun free zone—a gun free zone on a school campus, no less—and for trying to pass off stolen property to his teacher, among other infractions that would vary state by state.

This is the illogical, nonsensical face of gun control.

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