Bill Maher Channels Breitbart News on Threat of Radical Islam


On Friday’s broadcast of his HBO political talk show, comedian Bill Maher channeled Breitbart News on the threat that radical Islam poses to European countries, along with the dangers sharia law represents to Western freedoms.

During the discussion, Maher and panelist actor Josh Gad brought up the straightforward comments by Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb who told Muslim immigrants in Europe that if they didn’t like Western freedoms and free speech they should “f**k off.”

Maher and Gad approved of the mayor’s comments, but “neoliberal” journalist Josh Barro disagreed, saying that the mayor’s message was counterproductive.

Maher took Barro to task for his point and cited an incident in England that was extensively covered by Breitbart News.

On January 13 Breitbart New’s Jordan Schachtel reported on an incident that got terror expert Steve Emerson in a bit of trouble when he said that Birmingham England was “totally Muslim.” Emerson was called on the wild over generalization by none other than British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Maher cited Emerson’s case and pointed out that Emerson should have said that Birmingham is, in Maher’s accounting, “25 percent Muslim.”

But the simple numbers weren’t what bothered Maher. As Breitbart reported, the problem is that along with this large number of Muslims an Islamic influence is often brought to the area’s schools. Such has been the case in Birmingham.

“A report released in June by the U.K. Education office (Ofsted) found that five state schools in Birmingham had attempted to impose an Islamic, ‘narrow faith-based ideology,'” Breitbart reported earlier this month. “Ofsted found that Islamic schools countrywide were promoting stoning, lashing, and loving ‘death more than life.’”

Maher cited these facts, then said, “Sometimes in a melting pot, people don’t melt.”

Maher went on to say, “I don’t want to live in a world where we can’t wear a mini skirt walking down the street… You don’t have to be a right-wing nut to worry” about radical Muslim threats.

“We know that there are some Muslims who want to take over” and eliminate our culture and laws, Maher concluded.

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