‘GloZell Green’ Answers Mainstream Media Critics, Rob Lowe After Interviewing the President

youtube screencap

YouTube star “GloZell Green” addressed comments by actor Rob Lowe reacting to the news that President Obama was meeting with her for an interview and not Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

“Hold up. Is it true that a woman who eats cereal out of a bathtub gets to meet with the President and the Prime Minister of Isreal does not?” asked Lowe on Twitter last night after she interviewed the president.

In an interview on CNN’s New Day this morning, GloZell responded to Lowe as well as other critics.

“Rob Lowe said something negative about me, I’m like, ‘What? Thank you! I didn’t even know that you knew who I was now you do,’ she said. “I appreciate it, you’re still hot, so what do I care?”

Speaking to critics in the media, GloZell said she was used to “haters,” but that now they were more high profile.

“Now my haters are very high class people, so I feel like I’ve moved up,” she said. “So thank you!”

Global said that initially she was nervous after she met the president.

“I usually don’t wear a dress so I had to – make sure that your legs were together and look him straight in the eye – and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, you know, he’s so good looking,’ I’m like ‘don’t think about that, just keep going.’”


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