Rob Lowe

Ann Coulter Demands: Comedy Central Must Release Full Tapes Of My Roast Ambush

“I really want the world to see the whole roast without the edits,” Coulter tells Howie Carr. She was booked on the roast to promote her new book In Trump We Trust. “My main satisfaction is knowing the difficulty the Comedy Central editors are having editing me are having trying to make me look bad and everyone else look good,” she said.


Rob Lowe May Sue Tax Board over ‘Jewed Down’ Remark

Actor Rob Lowe may sue an elected member of California’s Board of Equalization over an alleged antisemitic slur about Jewish people that was directed towards him and his wife, who is Jewish, while they held a private meeting last year to discuss lowering the income tax Lowe owed on a $25 million Montecito home sale in 2005.


Rob Lowe Hit by Hollywood Hypocrisy After Cam Newton Tweet

Rob Lowe became a trending topic and the subject of vile and racist smears on Twitter overnight after the actor made one tweet critical of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton’s petulant post game performance at a press conference. It’s the latest example of how the media’s Thought Police hypocritically punish errant liberals when they stray from the leftist narrative.

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