Graham: Obama Misunderstanding of Radical Islam Like Pre-WWII Europe

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) compared President Obama’s misunderstanding of radical Islam to the pre-World War II failure to recognize the threat of Nazi Germany on Monday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“Here’s what I really do have a problem with. Our president will not call this radical Islam. You know, before World War II people believed that [if] they just gave Hitler one more country, or a German-speaking portion of a country, he would be fine. They never really understood that Hitler wanted a master race, his goal was not to take parts of the Sudetenland, or the Rhineland, but dominate the world with an Aryan race, and others would just suffer, and the Jews would be destroyed. The radical Islamists are motivated by a religious doctrine that has no place for you or I, moderate Muslims or anyone else they disagree with. They want a master religion” he stated.

He continued “if you close Gitmo tomorrow and you gave the Palestinians everything they wanted, it would not stop radical Islamists. Radical Islam is motivated by a religious doctrine that requires them to purify their religion. they can’t be accommodated or appeased.”

“The biggest victims of radical Islam are other people within the faith. If you don’t understand what these people are trying to do, you can’t defeat them. Clearly he doesn’t understand that ISIL is no longer the JV team. He clearly doesn’t understand that part of their charter is to destroy Israel and to come after us. If you really believe ISIL represented a threat to our homeland, would you be engaged in the strategy we are today, wouldn’t you have some american ground forces working in the region to defeat these guys? When President Obama accuses John McCain and Lindsey Graham of wanting 250,000 troops to fight ISIL, he is basically mischaracterizing what we’re saying to hide his weakness and his incompetence. The President of the United States is disconnected from what’s going on in the Mideast. His strategy is failing, and if you don’t admit that we’re at war with radical Islam, they’re certainly at war with us, you can’t defeat these people” Graham concluded.

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