Moms Demand Action: More Gun Control Needed In Washington State


As Washington lawmakers look at clarifying and applying the I-594 gun control package passed by Washington state voters in November 2014, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is claiming I-594 does not go far enough–that it needs to include “Extreme Risk Protective Orders” and requirements that guns be locked up in the home.

In other words, before the I-594 has been wholly implemented Moms Demand Action is already moving to the next step in their incremental push for more and more gun control.

According to, Moms Demand Action’s Leah Bernstein said, “Moms are in Olympia with a message: parents and concerned Washington citizens care about preventing gun violence in our state.”

Bernstein went on to say lawmakers need to be sure they don’t soften I-594 in the slightest. She was reacting to current considerations in the state senate that would allow “members of the armed services to transfer guns between themselves” without going through a government background check. The same consideration is being made for law enforcement and security guards.

Moms Demand Action volunteer Leanne Kennedy also suggested lawmakers consider the kind of gun violence restraining orders implemented in California. She referred to them as, “Extreme Risk Protective Orders,” but they are identical to California’s orders and basically allow family and friends to petition a court to have an individual’s guns temporarily confiscated.

Opponents call it the “Turn in your neighbor bill.”

Moms Demand Action also wants to see mandatory locks/firearm storage in Washington state homes, enacted via stricter penalties for those whose gun is found and discharged by a child.

They have not yet said whether a child is anyone under the age of 18.

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