Exclusive: Grover Norquist Denounces Islamist Charges as ‘Lies, Crap, Garbage’

Associated Press
Associated Press

Grover Norquist says he’s tired of people digging into his record to prove that he has ties to Islamic, pro-Hamas terrorists. He’s specifically citing the man who has persecuted him on these issues for more than a dozen years: Frank Gaffney, the head of the Center for Security Policy.

A new report from Breitbart News reveals that Norquist, the high-profile head of Americans for Tax Reform, sent a letter to members of the National Rifle Association board to clarify information sent to them sent by “one of the followers of my stalker.”

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Norquist adamantly denounced what he described as “garbage,” “crap,” and “lies” perpetrated by Gaffney and his allies.

What’s more, Norquist added, he has no reason to believe that his membership on the NRA board is in jeopardy.

Norquist accused Gaffney of frequently trying to gather information to deploy against Norquist ahead of the Conservative Political Action Conference, the prominent coalition event for conservative non-profits.

For Norquist allies in Washington D.C., the Gaffney/Norquist wars are part of the past, now part of a cynical joke shared at cocktail parties. In the past, they argue, mainstream media outlets dismissed Gaffney’s dossier of information against Norquist after conducting their own investigations.

Norquist says he and his team are willing to re-litigate the long history of Gaffney’s accusations, but have ultimately dismissed Gaffney as someone who has a career goal of smearing him.

“There’s nothing new, it’s all the same old stuff from 15 years ago that everybody looked at,” Norquist explained, referring to initial interest in the story in mainstream media outlets.

But a new report from “Brought to Light” podcaster Lee Stranahan claims to have new information about Grover’s wife’s family ties to Palestinian anti-Israel activism.

Stranahan claims Majed Tomeh, Norquist’s wife’s brother, is listed in a newsletter as a “co-founder” of a group that Norquist helped start, the Islamic Free Market Institute. Stranahan also claims that Norquist’s wife’s family members have ties to pro-Palestinian groups.

Norquist explained that Tomeh was a member of the institute’s board, asserting that the organization was focused on promoting free market principles to Muslims, not radical Islamic extremism.

Norquist was even more upset that pictures of his wife and daughter were posted online, accusing Gaffney’s allies for doing so. “Those jerks threw their picture up on the web,” he said. “That’s just disgusting.”

When asked for a response to the claims in Stranahan’s podcast, he dismissed them under the umbrella of conspiracy theories attributed to Gaffney.

“Frank Gaffney has been creating bizarre conspiracy theories and lying about me for 15 years. He has told people I am gay, a Muslim, a terrorist,” Norquist replied.“He keeps changing his smear. Why would I or anyone care what he thinks or says at this late date. Or any of his disciples in this obsessive cult.”


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