NY Senator Who Pushed Gun Control, Now Pushing Machete Control


New York state senator Tony Avella (D-Queens) successfully pushed gun control via the SAFE Act in early 2013 and he has now set his sights on machete control.

Avella said, “The fact that anyone can purchase this potentially lethal tool is just crazy.”

According to New York Daily News, while smaller knives–“switchblades and gravity knives”–have already been banned in New York, “machetes are considered the same as butcher knives” and have therefore remained legal. But Avella will soon introduce legislation to reverse that.

If passed and signed into law, “the mere possession of a machete could lead to years behind bars.”

Avella’s efforts come after two machete attacks–one in July and another October. The one in July resulted in the death of 17-year-old Long Island teen Terrence Grier.

Grier’s mom, Greta Price, says her son “would still be alive today if it wasn’t for a machete.”

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