Zuckerman: Obama ‘Lost Touch’ With Foreign Affairs

US News and World Report Chairman and Editor-in-Chief and publisher of the New York Daily News, Mort Zuckerman said that “we have somebody who’s just lost touch with what’s going on in the world” in reaction to the Iran nuclear agreement Wednesday’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Fox Business Network.

“When you see a country like the United States literally ignoring an unbelievable threat to a lot of our allies, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, as well as Israel, then you know that we have somebody who’s just lost touch with what’s going on in the world, for whatever reason.” he stated.

Earlier, Zuckerman said “the President of the United States — for — to blame Israel and this Prime Minister for what it is, in fact, the United States is doing, which is eliminating all of the restrictions we’ve imposed on Iran, because we know how dangerous they will be as a nuclear power, and we’re opening the door for them to become a nuclear power in the area, and it’s astounding to me that in a sense he seems to be getting away with it.”

He continued “it really in some fundamental way is astonishing to me that they didn’t have more  empathy and understanding of an Israeli Prime Minister who knows that there is going to be nuclear weapons, and the capacity to deliver them within a matter of a few years if this administration’s policy is allowed just to run amok. Now, no country in the world would want to stand by and not do anything about that, and to treat it the way they are, as if this is somehow rather an unnatural and inappropriate reaction on the part of a man who’s trying to save his own country. That is ridiculous.”

After Dobbs said that “this administration appears to be reserving its empathy for our enemies,” Zuckerman responded “yes, well — the thing that’s really amazing, they are — you look at the countries that we can rely upon in that part of the world, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and some of the other countries affiliated with Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, and we are walking away from them and giving Iran a free ticket to develop nuclear weapons which would change the entire balance of politics and power in that region, it’s crazy.”

The discussion concluded with Dobbs arguing “his [Obama’s] approach and his demeanor would be considered by just about any careful observer as authoritarian, not democratic,” and Zuckerman reacting, “I agree with that. My hope is that the Congress is going to react across political lines, both Republicans and Democrats will stand up to this. Because I think it’s outrageous.”

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