Christie: Jeb Bush Only the Front-Runner with Washington DC Elites

Thursday at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference, Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) laid out a case for his potential 2016 presidential bid.

Christie said, “If I decide to run for president I’m not worried about what polls say 21 months before we’re going to elect a president of the United States. If I decide to run I will run a hard fighting campaign where I will fight for the hard-working taxpayers of this country, and i will take my chances. I have done pretty well so far.”

Asked about the Jeb Bush fund-raising machine, Christie said, “If the elites in Washington make backroom does decide who the present will be and he is the front-runner. If the people of the United States decide to pick the next president and they want someone who looks at them in the eye, connects with him and is one of them, I will be OK if I run.”

Asked how do you beat Hillary Clinton, Christie said, ‘I think you make sure very directly that you talk about your different vision for the United States. Different than the Obama-Clinton vision of the United States.”

“I tell you something, I don’t mind which people at all. You don’t need to be standing up defending and to we need start fighting for the people trying to lift themselves up who have not had a wage increase adjusted for inflation in 15 years. Mrs. Clinton, raise the minimum age. I would say this. No parent are sitting on the kitchen table saying if our child can get a higher minimum wage, every one of our aspirations for them will be realized. It’s not happening,” he added.

On facing the voters Christie said, “Yesterday I  held my 128th town hall meeting since I’ve been governor. And by the we don’t do things like with cars and we have to fill out cards and then people screened them for you and we so which answers to which much i might like to answer. I sit in them like this come with 500 people yesterday, I come out and speak and I take my coat off and we took questions for an hour. Raise your hand. I call on you and I take questions and answer it. That’s what elected officials go to the constituents. You can’t be afraid. I get a lot, you’ve seen these clips. People get up and yell at me and let me have it. What I tell the managers is this but if you’re nice and kind, I will disagree kind in chile back but we are all from New Jersey. So if you give it you will get in return and that’s the kind the people that we are working interaction we should have with for.”

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