Jindal: Enough PC ‘Nonsense,’ People Need to Assimilate

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) declared “people who want to come and live in our country, Sean, they’ve got to assimilate, they’ve got to integrate. Enough of this political[ly] correct nonsense” on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“People who want to come and live in our country, Sean, they’ve got to assimilate, they’ve got to integrate. Enough of this political[ly] correct nonsense. No more hyphenated Americans, we’re all Americans” he stated.

Earlier Jindal said, “here at home we’ve got to restore the American Dream for our children and grandchildren. It’s not about government spending or redistribution like President Obama believes. It’s about opportunity and growth. We need to repeal and replace Obamacare, ot a little bit of it, all of it. Some of these Republicans now want Obamacare Lite with some tax increases, some entitlement program. No, we need to get rid of the whole thing and replace it. Third, overseas we’ve got to defeat ISIS, not contain them, not degrade them. These are radical Islamic terrorists. We need to hunt them down and kill them…unlike the president, unlike the politically correct crowd, you and I are wiling to speak the truth, we need a leader who will speak the truth…you identify the enemy. Secondly, you take the political handcuffs off our military, so this authorization in Congress, take out the three year time limit, take out the ban on ground troops. Let’s stop being politically correct, let’s stop listening to the political left. Let’s go to the military and say ‘we don’t want to degrade them, contain them, expel we want to kill them.’ We’ve got a State Department official saying we need a jobs program and we need better governments. They don’t need jobs, they need to be killed.”

He continued, “we cannot allow Iran to become a nuclear power. This president wants a deal so badly, I think he’ll take a bad deal over no deal. I think it’s pretty hard, really, to fight ISIS. I think Turkey’s very nervous, I think other allies are nervous about our intentions in the Middle East. Fifth and finally, I’m a big believer in school choice. There are a lot of things we can do a home, energy independence, re-ignite that manufacturing renaissance, lower the taxes, get rid of the EPA regulations that are killing our economy. All goes back to restoring the American Dream. We don’t need incremental change, we need big change in this country.”

He further criticized a New York Times report on Louisiana’s budget, arguing “we’re presenting our balanced budget legislation…here’s what they don’t seem to understand. Here’s what they don’t seem to understand, we campaigned on a platform to shrink government, grow the private sector economy. That’s what we’ve done.”

Jindal also said he was pro-life, opposed to same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization, and believed law-abiding citizens should have the right to carry firearms in all 50 states.

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