Foster Friess Back from Front Lines Asks Obama to Put Away the Golf Clubs

AP Photo
AP Photo

National Harbor, Md–Wealthy conservative donor Foster Friess, whose funds helped Rick Santorum’s 2012 presidential campaign, joined the Breitbart News Saturday Sirius radio team, broadcasting live from CPAC, to discuss the need for action in the world-wide Islamic-backed jihad.

Fries, who just got back from the Middle-East, said that “We have to destroy ISIS. If you have a pit bull in your yard going after your kids, you don’t just push the pit bull over to the neighbor’s yard. You have to eliminate that dog.” Friess argues we have to put “enormous pressure on the state department and Obama” to get the job done.

Fries says that we have the wrong mindset and are not committed to defeating ISIS. Moreover, the conservative investment entrepreneur thinks it absurd that Obama refers to the “war on terror.” He says it would be like fighting the Germans in WW II and saying that we were declaring war against blitzkriegs.

Friess thinks that Breitbart National Security Director Sebastian Gorka classified the enemy best when he called it the “Global Jihadist Movement.” Fries makes the point that there are several groups of Muslims, “Sunnis, Shiites, some Muslims are the target of other Muslims,” he argued.  Global Jihadist movement is something we can all understand. Even Kurds are predominantly Muslim.

Friess says that he has been fortunate and “owes America so much.” He told Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steven K. Bannon and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow that he supports the bi-partisan efforts of “Left Right Left Right Forward March” (, which provides aid to children in places like Iraq. The organization also helps establish financial aid and adoption services for the most needy in the Middle East.

In a not-so-veiled reference to President Obama, Friess said that he’s hoping his inspiration of going to the front lines to help our troops and those suffering from Jihad, that maybe “others could give up their golf game and get engaged.”

Breitbart’s Executive Chairman complimented the selfless efforts and humility of Friess and thanked him for all the goodness he spreads in the world. “Thank you for who you are and the countless number of people that you help. You inspire so many people; it is just terrific.” Friess asked Bannon if he “could put those remarks in an email and send it to his wife.”


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