Corn: Hillary Different Than Jeb, Defenders Saying ‘Not True’ Things

Mother Jones DC Editor and MSNBC Analyst David Corn said that Hillary Clinton’s e-mail use was different from Jeb Bush’s and that Clinton’s defenders were saying things that are “not true” in Clinton’s defense on Saturday’s “Up with Steve Kornacki.”

“I do think it’s important that cabinet level separates her [Hillary] from what Jeb Bush did. Listen, I went through Jeb Bush’s e-mails that were released and found a lot of things that should have been there that weren’t there. So, i think there’s a big problem about him holding back his own stuff. But in this instance, the clinton campaign such as it is, the Clintonland, they get into this defensive crouch and they start talking to reporters like me who are looking [at] this story, and telling us things that are not true. I was told by a Clinton advocate, speaking for her, that everything was preserved by the State Department, it turns out it wasn’t. A lot of stuff that didn’t go to State Department recipients, maybe outside people, were not preserved. Here they are — so, it’s not just that the press is beating up on her. There’s this awful dysfunction with the Clinton people and the press. As soon the Clintons do something wrong, people will overreact, they get in a defensive crouch, and they start saying things that aren’t true, and instead of a level four fire, it becomes 13” he stated.

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