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Media Matters Prepares to Push Hillary’s Campaign Narrative


Media Matters for America is now fully geared up to push Hillary Clinton on the media and the nation ahead of her likely run for president in 2016, a new report reveals.

A recent piece in National Journal reveals that Media Matters and two other far-left groups — American Bridge and Correct The Record — have all turned their organizations into Hillary advocates well before her announcement.

Media Matters has been the main purveyor of the leftist, Democratic message. Even National Journal, a left-leaning publication, notes that Media Matters easily programs the national media narrative: It is “often easy to trace Media Matters’ influence on a major news story.”

Media Matters is already dubiously taking credit for the “de-escalation” of the careers of “people such as Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs,” according to the article. And MMFA President Bradley Beychok and his staff are continuing to “pick off one pundit at a time.”

MMFA also claims that it is responsible for it being “widely-accepted now that Fox News is overtly conservative.”

The piece goes on to note that after hiring former Clinton flack James Carville, it is clear that MMFA is gearing up exclusively to cover for Hillary’s mistakes and to attack anyone who disagrees with her.

But even some on the left have attacked MMFA in general and David Brock in particular. In 2011, for instance, New York Magazine essentially said that Brock has no principles or any thought out ideology; he’s just a contrarian with no guiding principles.

More recently, liberal TV host Bill Maher recently told the outfit to “shut the f*ck up” for its idiotic attack on Dolce and Gabbana.

Regardless, it appears that Brock and company have assigned to themselves the duty of getting Hillary Clinton elected President of the United States.

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