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Wasinger: The Left’s War on Trump Loyalists Gets Nastier

As predicted in this column several months ago, the coordinated effort between well-funded Leftist groups and their media allies to target Trump loyalists in the administration is continuing to gain ground, just as Never-Trumpers and presidential appointees unsympathetic with the president’s agenda are rising in influence and power.

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Nolte: Kevin Williamson’s ‘Atlantic’ Firing Should Wake Up #NeverTrump (But It Won’t)

My God, NeverTrumpers are dumb. What did these narcissistic stupes think, that they could sellout just a wee bit, just enough to retain a small part of their balls, and the Social Justice Mob would welcome them with open arms? Did Kevin Williamson actually believe that his contempt for Trump and his voters (who “deserve to die”) would be enough?

Jeffrey Lord CNN

CNN Cuts Ties with Jeffrey Lord After ‘Sieg Heil’ Tweet

CNN announced Thursday that it has severed ties with conservative contributor Jeffrey Lord after he said “Sieg Heil” to the head of Media Matters for America during a back-and-forth on Twitter, in which Lord accused Media Matters of being a fascist group.

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CNN Purges Jeffrey Lord Allegedly for ‘Sieg Heil’ Tweet After Allowing Nazi Smears Against Breitbart

CNN—the network that allowed anchor Brooke Baldwin to falsely smear Breitbart News as the “most prominent platform” for the “Nazi salute” and enabled New York Times columnist Charles Blow just a few weeks ago to falsely defame Breitbart News as the home of “Neo-Nazism”—reportedly fired outspoken pro-Trump contributor Jeffrey Lord on Thursday for mocking Nazis and fascists with a “Sieg Heil” tweet.


TNR: Media Matters Seeks New Identity in Post-Clinton World

Clio Chang and Alex Shephard write in The New Republic about the organizational shake-up and shift in focus at the leftwing media watchdog Media Matters for America. The brainchild of its Clinton ally founder David Brock, Media Matters now seeks to reinvent itself in a post-Clinton world. Brock has recently stated that he hopes to transform his social media platform Shareblue into a “Breitbart of the left.” But Clinton’s electoral loss offers a unique challenge for Media Matters because, as Chang and Shephard report, “[t]he organization had long ceased to be a mere watchdog, having positioned itself at the center of a group of public relations and advocacy outfits whose mission was to help put Clinton in the White House.”

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Beyoncé Takes Heat for Ignoring Activist Calls to Support Houston Transgender Law

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance — a proposal that would have allowed men to enter women’s bathrooms, showers, and changing areas based on gender identification — was soundly defeated by Houston voters at the ballot box last week. According to one advocate for the now-defunct proposal, pop star Beyoncé bears at least some of the blame for its failure.


Media Matters Defends CNBC over GOP Debate

For once, almost the entire media agreed that the CNBC moderators at the GOP debate showed an unacceptable level of political bias and plain incompetence–except for Media Matters for America.

Paul Ryan for Speaker AP

Media Matters Has Paul Ryan’s Back

If Rep. Paul Ryan is looking for more support in his quest to be Speaker of the House of Representatives, he may–or may not–want to look further than progressive media outlet Media Matters. It appears to have his back versus Conservative radio host Mark Levin, who simply went through Ryan’s actual record on his October 23 radio show.

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Clinton Camp Goes to War with New York Times

Longtime Clinton hit man David Brock and his Lloyd-Bridges-sniffed-the-glue hair have unleashed hell on The New York Times. According to Politico on Thursday, “Brock’s war against the New York Times just went nuclear – and the paper is responding with equal fury.”