Cleveland Considering ‘Gun Offender Registry’—Like Sex Offender Registry

texastruancy-AP Photo-Christian Rodriguez
AP Photo/Christian Rodriguez

On April 15, Cleveland city officials will consider changing city gun laws to create a “gun offender registry” (GOR) for criminals who use a gun in the commission of their crime.

According to 3 WKYC, the GOR would work like a sex offender registry, giving criminals who used guns “48 hours to report their location and information to the registry when they leave jail or prison.”

The city’s Safety Committee will hold its final hearing on the proposed GOR on April 15, and if it passes, it will move on to the Finance Committee on April 20. If it passes the Finance Committee, it will go into effect 90 days later.

The proposal for the GOR is coupled with new firearm storage laws and new requirements that “make it a crime… for improperly providing access of firearms to a minor.” This gives the proposal a better chance of passing because the storage and criminal laws are being pushed in the wake “of a 1-year-old believed to have been shot by a 3-year-old relative” in Cleveland on April 12.

The child’s death is a horrible tragedy, and Cleveland officials are essentially considering punishing every gun owner in the city by mandating how guns must be stored.

If those storage laws pass, it will also mean that individuals who serve their time for a given crime will not be released to freedom, but to a registry system which will require them to stay in contact with city officials.

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