Ruth Marcus: Clinton Has Been Relatively ‘Substance Free’

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus said Hillary Clinton’s campaign video was “substance-free,” and her campaign has been “semi-close to that” on Wednesday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC.

“I understand what Hillary Clinton is trying to do…the campaign wants to hear from everyday americans, and all of that stuff, but the video, and honestly even the first day or so of campaigning has been not — the video was substance-free, and the first couple days of campaigning have been semi-close to that. If you look at — the video didn’t say anything except for ‘everyday Americans are being left behind,’ didn’t say how it wanted to — how she wanted to help fix that. The four issues that she mentioned yesterday were three issues of boilerplate as far as I’m concerned. An economy for tomorrow, not yesterday, duh. Keep our country safe, duh. I’m not discounting its importance, just that everybody agrees with that. And work for families and children, duh again.” she stated.

Marcus added, “the news that she made, as you said, was on money and politics, and supporting a constitutional amendment. Well, I don’t mean to be cynical, but first of all, wake me when that happens. That’s not something that’s within a president’s control, and it would — it’d be years in the future, and I am having flashbacks to Bill Clinton, who was raking in, at the time, tons of soft money, saying something I heard the Clinton campaign saying yesterday, which is ‘we’re not going to unilaterally disarm in the interim.’ So, she gets some points, supporting a constitutional amendment, certainly some points with the left, but it doesn’t cost her anything.”

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