Bush Arrogance Fueling Drive For Big Money To Super PAC

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu
AP Photo/Jeff Chiu
Washington, DC

The Jeb Bush-supporting Right to Rise super PAC is gearing up for what it hopes will be a $100 million haul by the end of May.

It’s almost as if, in Bush world, no one should have the right to rise in GOP politics if they can’t raise enough millions through the family’s generationally entrenched political network of players and donors. Who needs to be popular, when you can buy it, perhaps?

Yes, nothing says the Republican base like Los Angeles. Hillary Clinton should be thrilled at a potential GOP competitor all but giving up the big money and corruption in politics card so early in the race. As Politico explains:

Jeb Bush is putting in motion an ambitious plan to develop a super PAC that would be unprecedented in its size and scope — a blueprint growing in scale and intensity as he nears the formal launch of his presidential campaign.The group, called Right to Rise, is said to be on track for raising an historic $100 million by the end of May, and its budget is expected to dwarf that of Bush’s official campaign many times over. In interviews, more than half a dozen sources familiar with the Right to Rise plans described a juggernaut that was rapidly taking shape — from its likely headquarters in Los Angeles, 2,700 miles from the Miami office where Bush was basing his campaign, to a new fundraising push aimed at expanding its ballooning coffers.

Jeb is said to be considering a June announcement. Perhaps also interesting is the hubris that could cause a campaign to all but brag that it will attempt to subvert the spirit of a law, if not its actual letter.

In the final weeks leading up to the launch, his strategists have been devising a plan to allow both arms of the campaign — the official one and the super PAC — to work seamlessly, even as they will be legally barred from coordinating once he officially becomes a candidate.


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