Jesse Jackson Rallies Against Guns Already Banned in Chicago

Jesse Jackson

On Saturday, Jesse Jackson rallied outside Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale, Illinois, against AK-47s, saying, “More guns make us less secure.”

Wearing a hat emblazoned with “Mothers Against Guns,” Jackson said, “There’s no place in this city for AK-47s. There’s no place in these cities for automatic weapons. Street gangs are more armed than the police are. Nobody is secure ’til all of us are secure.

He added, “This is not about gun rights, it’s about civilized behavior. It’s about increasing life options.”

Jackson then led his fellow protesters in a chant, in which they said together: “More guns, make us less secure. We need to find a way, to resolve conflict, without our guns, bombs and drones. We must go, another way. Stop the killing, save the children. Stop the violence, save the children.”

He did not mention Chicago’s “assault weapons” ban, a Cook County ban which makes every AK-47 on Chicago’s streets an illegal gun already. In fact, in July 2013 CBS Chicago reported that city alderman voted unanimously to expand the city’s ban to include even more weapons.

Jackson also failed to mention that AK-47s and other rifles are made fully automatic by gangs who ignore the law to make them full auto and then ignore it again to use the guns in the commission of a crime.

Illinois State Rifle Association’s Mike Wiseman spoke to reporters once Jackson was done and brought to light another interesting bit of information missing from Jackson’s speech; namely, that handguns are criminals’ weapon of choice, not rifles. Asked about the discrepancy between Jackson’s AK-47 claims and reality, Wiseman grinned and and said: “It’s real easy when you’ve got a captive audience to just get up and start talking.”

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