Pataki: Attacks on Police Show Need to Enforce Gun Laws, Not Pass New Ones


During a May 14 appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, former New York Gov. George Pataki (R) discussed recent attacks on police officers and said our nation does not need more gun control, but greater enforcement of laws that already exist.

Pataki said gun control at the federal level is already adequate, and that “we just have to enforce it.”

He then referenced the recent shooting death of NYPD Officer Brian Moore with a gun stolen from Georgia: “You know, we just saw the tragic murder of another … cop in New York City with an illegal gun,” he said, adding, “The gun was illegal. Bringing it across state lines was illegal. We need a federal government that enforces the existing laws and doesn’t add new laws.”

Pataki then transitioned to ISIS, praising the response of the traffic officer in Garland, Texas, who took out the two attackers on May 3:

FBI director Jim Comey [says] we are going to have lone wolf ISIS-oriented attacks–radical Islamist attacks–in America. I want to have someone with a gun next to me if that’s happening. Go to Garland, Texas. If it hadn’t been for that one cop, we would have had another Fort Hood massacre.

Pataki went on to discuss the importance of having good guys with guns to take out bad guys. “I think our laws are fine. Enforce them,” he said.

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