Powers: Stephanopoulos’ Clinton Work ‘Bigger Conflict’ Than Donations

USA Today columnist, Fox News Contributor, and author of “The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech,” Kirsten Powers said that while George Stephanopoulos should not be disqualified from moderating GOP debates, his prior work for Bill Clinton is a “bigger conflict” than his donations to the Clinton Foundation on Thursday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

Powers said that while she hasn’t spent “a lot of time looking at this.” “I’m surprised, first of all, that he wouldn’t disclose something like that. I think that he has been a good journalist. And I also, sort of feel like — the Foundation is not a — I don’t consider it a political organization. I understand it is run by Bill Clinton, but it is a humanitarian organization. But he should have disclosed it. There’s no question.”

She added that if Stephanopoulos “can overcome the fact that he was once Bill Clinton’s Press Secretary, which, to me, seems to be the bigger conflict, I’m not sure why this would undo him.”

Hewitt stated that he was “neither surprised, nor do I think it should cost him a position at the debate table. I’d just like everyone to know where people are coming from.” Powers agreed that Stephanopoulos should not be disqualified from moderating debates. Although, Hewitt added that Stephanopoulos should have disclosed the donation before he interviewed “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer.

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