Christie: Charming and Attractive Candidates Will Not Beat Hillary

Friday at the 2015 Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma, Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said in the 2016 presidential race, it’s incredibly important the Republicans beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and restore America, and candidates simply being ” charming and attractive” without experience can not win.

Christie said, “The world has suffered because of Barack Obama’s presidency. We can not afford to lose the next time,” adding, “our first priority must be wining.”

“If you are like me—despondent and full of despair over how America’s role in the world has been diminished and how America’s confidence of home has been destroyed after seven years of Barack Obama, imagine what the spirit of America at home and its reputation around the world would be if we added on to that with years of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” he continued. “We can not have it. We have to elect a Republican president in 2016 who knows how to fight and knows how to win everybody.”

“And so how do we do it?” Christie added. “We are not going to beat Hillary Clinton out of air everybody. We are not going to beat Hillary Clinton because we nominate  the most charming and attractive nominee. We are going to beat Hillary Clinton because our ideas are better and because we can connect with the American people and their concerns and fears, and also their hopes and aspirations.”

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