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Democrats’ Happy Memorial Weekend Tweet: No American Flag, Just Obama and Ice Cream


On May 22 the Democrats (@TheDemocrats) tweeted a “Happy Memorial Day Weekend” tweet with a picture of President Obama eating an ice cream cone in an ice cream shop. Not an American flag to be seen, no soldier’s death being hallowed.

From the looks of the pic, a newcomer to America would assume Memorial Day is just another day in the life of Obama and the Democrats–another day that is nothing like the days endured by the hundreds of thousands of Americans who suffered and died on battlefields at home and abroad to protect freedom.

Can we eat ice cream on Memorial Day? Certainly. But should the president and his party tweet out a photo of him doing that without an American flag in sight while hundreds of thousands of graves of fallen Americans await memorializing? Certainly not.

Memorial Day is about the ultimate sacrifice paid by those who laid down their lives for this country in military service. It is a day when cemeteries are aflutter with American flags planted by the headstones of those who paid the ultimate price, and a day of reflection on the reasons why they paid that price.

Cities, towns, and neighborhoods, are filled with flags on Memorial Day as a way of saying thanks to those who preserved a freedom they could not live to enjoy, but a one which they could pass on to future generations.

And the Democrats celebrate by tweeting a photo of Obama eating an ice cream cone.

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