Dick Morris: All Her Scandals Will Catch Up With Hillary At Dem Debates

Tuesday night on NewsMax TV’s “Newsmax Prime,” political analyst and author Dick Morris said the email server, Clinton Foundation and Benghazi scandals will all catch up with Hillary Clinton once the frontrunner is confronted with Democratic challengers criticizing her in the debates.

Morris said, “Right now if you’re a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-gun control Democrat and you see Hillary being criticized by Trey Gowdy and by various other conservatives you’re going to say yeah well she should have released the emails. She is secretive and all of that, but hey, I’m not going to vote for one of those other guys because I’m pro-choice and pro-gun control and all that stuff.”

He continued, “But when you start seeing those debates that start in two or three months with the likes of Jim Webb and Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chafee criticizing her — you’re going to get a lot of voters saying well if they are criticizing her over Benghazi, or over the emails, or over the Clinton Foundation, maybe I’m going to listen to them.”

He added, “As those four other candidates show themselves to be presidential and acceptable and liberal and attractive to core Democrats, a lot of them are going to say now I feel comfortable voting against Hillary. And that will create a reinforcing cycle of Democrats who say, see she is slipping in the polls, we better turn to someone else because we will lose if we nominate her. And that process will be catalyzed by the debates.”

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