Promiscuous ‘Hook Up’ App Tinder Allegedly Bans Transgenders, Causes Complaints


Bruce — now known as Caitlyn — Jenner may well find himself struggling to hook up via Tinder — officially  a “dating” app but also known for instigating one-night stands. The site is allegedly banning transgenders from its use.

One of the most liberal dating sites, used for individuals who are seeking someone in the area they find attractive to possibly “hook up,” is being charged with being intolerant in removing the app from phones owned by transgenders.

“The dating app says that it generally gives users reported to them three strikes before banning them outright, but some trans users are actually having the app taken off their phone, finding themselves kicked off without knowing why. Ironically, those users have reported receiving harassing messages from transphobic Tinder users, usually including claims that they are “misrepresenting themselves” in their profiles,” reports Mediaite.

The dating app maintains it has no policies banning transgenders. However, many are claiming to have been banned without a reason.

Mediaite reported one transgender who spoke out to Business Insider:

One user interviewed in Business Insider, a trans woman named Sol Solomon, said that she could have been reported when a match saw that she included her pronouns in her profile. The transgender community provides this information so they can avoid awkward questions and mistakes, in case it isn’t obvious how they identify. Solomon wasn’t given the exact reason why she was banned, but the timing suggested that someone was matched with her, read her profile, then reported her, most likely using the “Other” option because the only specified reasons given to report someone on Tinder are “Inappropriate Behavior/Photos,” “Bad Offline Behavior,” and “Seems Like Spam.”

Tinder said however, everyone is welcome, according to Mediaite.

“Each banned account is individually assessed. If we find that a user has been wrongfully banned, then we unban their account. This includes instances when transgender users are reported by others, but haven’t violated any of our community standards,” Tinder’s statement read.


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