Three Things Leftists Don’t Get

Barack Obama
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

The rest of America gets it for the most part. We non-institutional left don’t agree on everything and that’s okay. Honest Americans can debate differences on issues and, in Reagan-like manner, occasionally find a way forward.

One: Guns and gun control 

If guns kill people then the knife, fork, and spoon are responsible for obesity on a global scale.

Actor and comedian Vince Vaughn in British GQ makes the correct constitutional and liberty based argument.

We don’t have the right to bear arms because of burglars; we have the right to bear arms to resist the supreme power of a corrupt and abusive government.

With exceptions, and there will always be exceptions, gun violence has gone down in America over the last few decades. A gun in the hand of well trained, law abiding citizens does not guarantee an outcome, but it changes the dynamic in dealing with the gun toting criminal.

I’ll keep my 2nd Amendment, let others have their second guessing.

Leftist idiocy kills programs like stop, question and frisk until headlines like this recent one in the NY Post — Shooting victim’s family begs de Blasio: ‘We need stop-and-frisk’ — state clearly the need on behalf of the unprotected and the murdered victim against the criminal with a gun.

Two: The free market works 

The PacSun Memorial Day upside down American flag received sufficient backlash and government intervention wasn’t necessary.

In some ways, I love the irony in this story. The men and women who gave their full measure for the right to freedom of expression–even idiotic expressions, as this t-shirt–preserved the right of the people to respond.

I doubt if the clever PacSun decision maker on this t-shirt gets the proper use of an upside down flag. The anarchist symbol on the sleeve from the Guy Fawkes wannabe designer adds an interesting touch. The people who support that symbol would likely burn down the store, as they have in other cities and countries.

People responded on social media and by not shopping at PacSun. Though this will fade in time, many may also remember. If their bottom line takes a hit on the Memorial Day sales projections, then someone will be doing some explaining at a minimum.

I love the potential for redress in the free market. Pun intended.

Three: Ship of fools

Leftist are fools whose movement has been infiltrated by Islamists. They miss the point where if the Islamists succeed, the leftists will then be eliminated. After all, Islamists kill gays, sell women as slaves, and abhor free speech, just to mention a few things to the supposed pro-gay, women’s rights, free speech advocacy crowd.

The institutional left may well be the best example of a ship of fools. Robert Plant pun–minus the great musical arrangement and vocal subtlety, intended.


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