Perry: US Debt ‘Immoral’

Former Texas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry dubbed the US debt “immoral” in an interview with Fox News Channel host Greta Van Susteren released on Monday.

Perry began by touting his economic record as Governor of Texas and advocated the federal government devolving more power to the states, criticizing the “one size fits all” approach on issues like healthcare and education.

He was then asked about recent events in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore. Perry stated that “at the top, you need to start with a real belief that you can bring this country together. Whether it’s the issue of the Confederate flag, as we did in Texas, and bringing people together, truly being a unifier. This president’s record doesn’t live up to his record — his rhetoric, I should say.” He continued that President Obama has divided the country on racial, ethnic, and gender lines, “and a president’s job needs to be to give a very positive picture about the future of this country…and we have not seen this president do this. He has, I think, inflamed all too often with his rhetoric and with his actions.”

Perry continued to discuss issues of common ground, saying, “I think we all believe that having a better job for your family, having a better opportunity, dealing with the immoral debt that we’ve got out there, and cutting the spending and growing this country, those are things that Americans long for.” He added that American voters want someone with a track record of accomplishment on that.

He concluded by arguing that he can have broad based appeal by talking about giving power back to the states because most people don’t want to be told by Washington how to live their lives.

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