Coulter Blasts Media’s Immigration Censorship, Argues Recent Immigrants Can’t ‘Piggyback’ on Black Experience in America


The mainstream media censor stories related to illegal immigration because they do not want Americans to think about the negative consequences associated with it, argues 11-time New York Times bestselling author Ann Coulter. She also emphasized on Breitbart News Sunday that Republicans should make the case that recent immigrants have no right to “piggyback” on the black experience in America in order to claim various preferences.

The Adios, America author added that liberals do not like having her on their programs because “I crush them in debate.” She emphasized that the media censor anything related to illegal immigration because “they don’t want Americans to think about what they are doing to the country with immigration.”

Coulter told host Matt Boyle that it was striking to her that even though there are so many alternative news sources and outlets, “if the mainstream media doesn’t cover the subject, people don’t think about it.”

She said the media essentially put out a “menu of topics of discussion that you have to develop a position on.” Coulter said at any bar, Americans will have a position on Ferguson, ISIS, the Duke lacrosse fake rape case, the UVA fake rape, gay marriage, and the Confederate flag,” but they are uninformed about illegal immigration issues because the media engage in a “total censorship on the entire topic of immigration.”

And because of that censorship, many Americans are still largely in the dark about the lasting ramifications and consequences of Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act, which Coulter said “was a civil rights bill for the entire world.” She said the bill was a “crazy idea that sounds like the belief of some weird hippy cult” because it declared that “everyone in the world has a civil right to move to America and American taxpayers have to take care of them.” Coulter pointed out that Democrats and editorial pages at the time “swore that this will not change the demographics of America” and there would not be a “sudden infusion of immigrants” when that is exactly what happened in the subsequent years.

The bill ensured, according to Coulter, that “we would be taking the poorest of the poor from around the world” and we “would no longer be taking western Europeans or Canadians.” Coulter said it was as if Democrats, who have not received support from a majority of white voters since 1964, looked around the country and said, ‘okay, fine America, you won’t vote vote for us. We tried this the easy way and we’re just going to bring in ringers now,’ and that is what they did.” Coulter mentioned that President Barack Obama would never have been elected to the White House “but for recent immigrants, millions upon millions of poor, welfare-receiving immigrants being dumped on the country.”

She noted that pre-1970 immigrants were “more educated, made more money, bought more houses” while post-1970 immigrants are “far more likely to be on welfare” than native-born Americans. To make matters worse, the post-1970 immigrations are “Latin America’s poor and not Poland’s poor so now they can go around claiming racism.”

“No, you don’t have a right to come to our country when we have done nothing to you and claim to be a victim of America. We did nothing to you,” Coulter said. “We did something to black Americans. We owe them. You can’t piggyback on the black experience in America if you arrived yesterday.”

Democrats like Jim Webb have also made the same point, and Coulter added that “this is the true history and it is worth standing up for and defending” even though black Americans are unlikely to vote for Republicans.

The left, though, is hardly solely responsible for America’s immigration problem, according to Coulter.

“It’s the media. It’s the Chamber of Commerce. It’s Marco Rubio. It’s elitist Republicans. It is the elites against the American people,” she said.

Regarding the 2016 presidential election, Coulter said that as a general matter, Republican primary voters should never consider a presidential candidate who is not a current governor or a former governor. Coulter said she may make an exception for Donald Trump because “he’s the only one who is talking about immigration and he may force immigration to be an issue in the debate.” But she insisted that any candidate who is not or has not been a governor is not a “serious” candidate.

Coulter said Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is expected to declare his candidacy next month, is the “only one who is any good” and revealed that she still yearns for a Mitt Romney presidency.

“Mitt Romney was the best we ever had on immigration,” Coulter claimed, arguing that Romney was “Jan Brewer before Jan Brewer was Jan Brewer” because he never backed down from self-deportation.

Coulter said her secret desire is a “Romney-Walker ticket, but i’ll take a Walker-Romney ticket.”



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