University Pays Chelsea Clinton $65,000 for Ten-Minute Speech


The University of Missouri at Kansas City, stunned by Hillary Clinton’s demand for $275,000 to headline its luncheon as it opened its women’s hall of fame in 2014, turned to a legendary figure to replace her: Chelsea Clinton.

As Hillary Clinton’s resume, devoid of any demonstrable achievements, depends on her marriage to a former president, so does Chelsea Clinton’s resume depend on the fame of the parents. That didn’t stop the university from paying her $65,000 for her appearance on Feb. 24, 2014.

According to the Washington Post, Chelsea Clinton’s image-makers made sure to edit marketing materials for the Clintons’ visit and also edit the introductory remarks of a high school student. Clinton’s handlers even supervised how much time she spent on campus.

Clinton’s schedule for the $65,000 fee included a 10-minute speech, a 20-minute Q and A, and a 30-minute session posing for pictures. Her spokesman, Kamyl Bazbaz, claimed that the fee was given to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. He added, “Chelsea is grateful to have the opportunity to speak at events like this while also supporting the work of the Clinton Foundation.”

The Post reported that in the e-mails between Clinton’s representatives at the Harry Walker Agency and the university, there was no mention of giving her fee to charity; the contract itself never mentioned anything like it. The contract did, however, require that the university show a list of attendees, including their occupations, titles and affiliations “for vetting.” The contract also demanded that Clinton have “final approval” of which media outlets could cover the speech.

The luncheon charged attendees $35 per ticket; the 1,100 tickets sold out.

Clinton had a brief career as special correspondent for NBC News, making an annual salary of $600,000, according to Politico. As Katrino Trinko of National Review pointed out in 2013 after noting that Clinton was essentially a career student, “Virtually no one would care whether she ran for office or not if her last name weren’t Clinton.”

Clinton’s nine paid speeches on behalf of the Clinton Foundation have amassed between $370,000 and $800,000 for the organization.

University spokesman John Martellaro said that the fee was paid in two payments to the Walker Agency, but told the Post, “We have no knowledge of how funds were disbursed from that point.”


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