Donald Trump’s Criticisms of Mass Mexican Immigration Barely Scratch the Surface

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Modern-day clickbait aggregators who fancy themselves journalists collectively gasped when GOP candidate Donald Trump clearly and succinctly condemned the raw deal Mexico gave the U.S., especially when it comes to immigration.

“Presidential candidate Donald Trump painted himself further into a corner Wednesday by spewing another batch of anti-immigrant rhetoric on CNN,” declared The Huffington Post’s Michael McLaughlin for LatinoVoices. (Why is a fellow apparent potato head acting like he represents Latinos, anyway?) He goes on to commit an embarrassing statistical blunder on rape while publishing Trump’s initial comments with no context beyond a huffy addendum that Trump’s “business partners are fleeing from him like rats on a sinking ship.”

McLaughlin seems not to understand what he’s saying about Trump’s business associates, but we’re talking about immigration here, a topic that sends most commentators into a psychotic or catatonic state, depending on whether they need the votes or cheap labor.

Trump’s comments are easily verifiable to anyone able to pick themselves off the fainting couch—and the enormity of the damage mass Mexican immigration has inflicted on the U.S. is not easily discounted.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you,” Trump said during his June 16 announcement. “They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

While Trump’s statements triggered a massive media uproar, one can merely flip through Ann Coulter’s latest best-selling book, Adios, America! The Left’s Plan to Turn The Country into a Third World Hellhole and see that Trump is addressing a blindingly-obvious rape epidemic. The age of consent in Mexico is merely 12-years-old—now, if only we had a few feminists to call that “problematic.”

Some Mexican men don’t limit themselves to 12-year-olds. According to Coulter: “318 ten-year-old girls gave birth in Mexico in 2011 and in the Mexican state of Jalisco alone 465 girls between the ages of ten and fourteen gave birth.” Imagine the media’s reaction if this horrible child-rape-impregnation phenomenon occurred in rural West Virginia. However one may grumble about mass media’s power, it would bring that practice to an end.

But it is inconceivable that Americans would commit mass child rape with such incredibly brutality.

“There are so many Hispanic child rape cases that in a state like California the same judge can hear several of them,” Coulter writes:

Thus, a few years after presiding over the case of immigrant rapist Guatemalan Willy Alejandro Jimenez, who had grabbed a four-year-old girl in a Palo Alto parking lot, raped her, beaten her unconscious, then thrown her naked body from a moving car, the same judge also presided over the case of fifty-year-old immigrant child rapist Paul Narvios, who repeatedly raped his girlfriend’s nine-year-old daughter, getting her pregnant and making her one of only four girls under the age of ten to give birth in the United States.

Mass immigration turns the “melting pot” into a boiling cauldron of crime and deep societal tension, as Coulter explains.

“The harm done to the United States by Mexicans is considerably greater than the harm done to Israelis by the ineffectual Palestinians,” Coulter writes for perspective. “In the July 2014 conflict, Palestinians fired more than four thousand rockets into Israel. In all, their bombs killed six civilians, including one Thai national.” Presumably because Israel rightly conducts itself as a real nation, comprised of a real people, who believe they have the right to exist and thrive, and not be forced to surrender the very institutions their antecedents built to hostile foreigners.

Coulter is as blunt as Trump when it comes to the dangers Mexican illegal aliens pose to Americans: “I have a little tip. If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria. If you don’t want to be killed by a Mexican, there’s nothing I can tell you,” she said, to Jorge Ramos’s shocked silence. It’s almost as if liberals have no response but a shunning mechanism to the cold, hard facts about mass immigration.

And the danger Trump and Coulter identify is quite present, and it hurts other, young, female Mexican immigrants as well. While feminists are quick to cry “rape culture!” when it comes an eye-rolling fake rape story about “overwhelmingly blonde” white fraternity brothers, they, along with amnesty activists, downplay the brutal rape culture that Mexican immigrants who exhibit utter backwardness when it comes to progressive standards bring to America. Not that The New York Times would deign to notice, as Coulter writes.

In order to get the Times’ attention, here are a few immigrant rapes that took place on college campuses:

In March 2013, two Penn State girls were kidnapped and sexually assaulted by a couple of illegal aliens from Mexico, after the illegals offered the girls a ride to their dormitory. The attacks were interrupted when a campus police officer saw a woman’s leg dangling out of the Mexicans’ pick-up truck. In November 2013, a student at Goldey-Beacom College in Delaware was raped by Carlos E. Bastardo, an immigrant on a student visa from Brazil. Unlike “date rape” cases featured in the Times, the victim wasn’t drunk and didn’t wait to report the rape. After being assaulted, she ran from the room, went straight to a hospital, and called the police. In February 2013, Diego Gomez-Puetate, an Ecuadoran student at the College of Idaho, raped an unconscious student at an “International House” party, stopping only when he was caught by her friend. He was convicted of the rape in August of that year. In August 2012, a Skidmore College international student—and residence hall assistant—Ajibu Timbo from Sierra Leone was arrested for sexually assaulting a college employee.

Coulter explains that deep and loving regard for women and our femininity is a purely Anglo-Saxon concept, inseparable from the very people who created our inherited culture—and implemented it wherever we settled and codified it into the civilizations we built, a strict code of conduct that was yet a yoke “as easy and sweet… as a bride’s ornaments.”

“In 1840 the famous chronicler of America, Alexis de Tocqueville, noted that although many criminal offenses in England had been abolished in the new country, Americans ‘still make rape a capital offence, and no crime is visited with more inexorable severity by public opinion,'” Coulter recounts. “He contrasted America with France, where rape was punished with far lesser penalties and ‘it is frequently difficult to get a verdict from a jury against the prisoner.'”

The Third World’s callous disregard for what Americans believe to be a horrific violation of womanhood spreads the more the Third World is welcomed into our country. A callous attitude, Coulter notes, can also be blamed on white liberals who disliked the death penalty.

“Our Supreme Court improvidently abolished America’s centuries-old tradition of permitting capital punishment for rape in 1977—over the objections of the Court’s two conservative justices, William Rehnquist and Chief Justice Warren Burger. But rape is still considered a pretty serious crime,” she writes.

Perhaps the most terrible aspect of Third World cultures, like in many deep cultural pockets of Mexico, is the swift sexualization of young girls.

“A book about police rape investigations reports that American policemen are learning to ‘be understanding of cultural differences’ and keep an ‘open mind’ about child rape because ‘the Hispanic culture is more accepting of statutory rape,'” Coulter writes. “Describing his experiences working in one Hispanic community, an American detective said, ‘I have a large group of Hispanic men in their thirties and forties who are having intercourse with young girls. I’m being told it’s a cultural thing.’ Hospitals would alert him to babies born to thirteen-year-olds impregnated by much older men, and he’d show up at the girl’s home, expecting to find parents ready to string up the guy. Instead, he said, ‘the family will say it’s a blessing and we’re so happy. I’ll explain it’s illegal, they cut me right off. I get a lot of those too.'”

What Coulter details and Trump denounces is painful to hear. It should wrench any woman’s heart and stir any man into protective action. But to nearly every public figure on the Left and Right, acknowledging that the crime exists is made to be more terrible than the crime itself.

Trump changed the frame with only a couple of sentences, and for this reason the Left will do their utmost to destroy him.

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