Watch: Low Information Millennials Think Hillary Clinton’s Mansions Belong to GOP Candidates

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta
AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

It appears the low information youth vote has no idea how fabulously wealthy Hillary Clinton is.

The Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform sent a film crew into the streets around the White House with pictures of four mega-properties where Hillary Clinton has lived. He asked various millennials which of the candidates for president they thought had lived in each property.

First up was the $5.7 million “embassy estate.” Rubio got one vote, Dr. Ben Carson another.

Second was the $1.7 million “country-side cottage.” Jeb Bush won that one.

Third was the $11 million “Hampton’s hideaway.” It was Rubio and Carson again.

Last was a $13 million “beachside bungalow.” This time Donald Trump got a vote, but Rubio did too.

Hilary Clinton did not get a single vote, so the millennials were absolutely stunned when told she had lived in each property.

“What? Really? You’re pulling my leg.”

“No way. Are you serious?”

“Damn, she’s got that kind of money.”

One even said, “You’re changing my opinion on the election a little bit.”

None of the millennials appeared to be regular readers of the New York Times, so it appears the Times’s narrative about Rubio’s wealth has reached pretty far down the information food chain.


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