With Blood on Their Hands, Democrats Suddenly Act Concerned About Illegal Immigration

Francisco Sanchez (Patch / SFPD)
Patch / SFPD

Spare us, Democrats, please. You’re embarrassing yourselves. You didn’t give a rat’s ass about American citizens suffering economic and physical injury due to illegal immigration yesterday. You don’t care about it today.

You’re only briefly pretending to be troubled today because your hands are dripping with blood after a high-profile murder in San Francisco. You’ll go back to not caring about American citizenship five minutes after this story fades from the news.

Suddenly everyone from Senator Dianne Feinstein to Hillary Clinton is mumbling about how “sanctuary cities” that help aliens avoid immigration law might not be such a hot idea, because illegal alien murderer Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is openly stating that he went to San Francisco to take advantage of its sanctuary policies. While he was illegally strolling through the undefended streets of Frisco, he randomly murdered a legal U.S. citizen named Kathryn Steinle, using a gun that was evidently the personal property of a federal agent, stolen from his car some time previously. The killer claims he found the gun lying on the ground, wrapped in a T-shirt. Such are the vagaries of fortune in a gun-free liberal paradise.

The only way this sickening indictment of open-borders insanity could get any worse would be to learn the thief who stole the gun and ultimately sold or gave it to Lopez-Sanchez was an illegal alien, too. I wouldn’t bet heavily against it.

In her embarrassing puffball interview with a “reporter” who just happened to be a guest at one of her aides’ weddings, Hillary Clinton blurted that she suddenly thinks sanctuary cities might be a “mistake.”

“The city made a mistake not to deport someone that the federal government strongly felt should be deported,” gurgled Clinton, apparently having some sort of mental breakdown that led her to believe city governments are responsible for deporting people. “So I have absolutely no support for a city that ignores the strong evidence that should be acted on.”

Oh, come off it, you Democrat hacks. This is all much too little, far too late, and everyone knows you’re only saying it because your media “gatekeeper” buddies couldn’t keep the story of Steinle’s murder from becoming big national news. The only reason sanctuary cities like San Francisco get away with flagrant lawlessness is because the federal government and its degenerate bureaucracy allow them to do so. President Obama could have taken steps to end this “sanctuary city” garbage long ago — among other things, the federal government has enormous financial influence over states and cities.

On the contrary, Obama invited enormous tidal waves of illegal aliens into this country with his amnesty policies, and he held the doors open for them. During his Shutdown Theater crusade to terrorize the American people into keeping ObamaCare alive, he threw open the doors to detention centers and released thousands of illegal alien criminals onto the streets. His government wasn’t interested in using federal power to prevent left-wing loony-bin cities from defying immigration law, but he was more than happy to use it against any border state that dared to enforce the immigration system, in the face of federal dereliction of duty. Obama and his Party are positively rabid about attacking anyone who dares to suggest law enforcement should make a serious effort to detect and deport illegals.

Here’s the Huffington Post with a little update on how free our tyrannical Ruling Class, which will joyously tear American citizens to shreds for the slightest legal infraction, has felt to ignore laws incompatible with their ideology:

With the debate around immigration already red hot due to the charged rhetoric of the 2016 campaign, the incident in San Francisco could end up prompting a shift in recent trends in detention policy. For years, local communities have been limiting their collaboration with immigration enforcement officials, with more than 300 cities and counties adopting policies against fully complying with ICE’s requests. Some, like San Francisco, barely deal with the agency at all, while others limit interactions except in cases of more serious crimes.

The widespread resistance led the Obama administration to announce in November that it would drop the Secure Communities program, which asked police to hold individuals for ICE so they could be picked up for deportation purposes.

And you can tell the open-borders crowd is winning that fight, because San Francisco slayer Lopez-Sanchez had been deported five times already. He was so bad that even our twisted joke of an immigration system managed to stumble across him five times, but he was still easily able to hit the streets of San Francisco and murder a woman.

Here’s how San Francisco handled this “undocumented-American,” according to CNN:

In March, Lopez-Sanchez was turned over to San Francisco authorities and ultimately released after completing a federal prison sentence.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said San Francisco wanted him on a drug warrant, so the agency handed him over with a request to let it know if he was to be released.

Despite that request, San Francisco authorities let him go in April after the drug charges were dropped.

Freya Horne, chief legal counsel to the San Francisco County sheriff, said city officials believe such requests violate Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures.

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi said his department requires a warrant or court order to transfer custody to federal authorities.

Critics who say the city erred in releasing Lopez-Sanchez, he said, are “completely wrong.”

“As sheriff, I adhere to the laws that govern our land. And San Francisco’s not alone. In fact, well over 300 municipalities have similar laws like San Francisco,” he said. “Because of what has not been reconciled on the federal level, local governments and state governments are devising new laws.”

According to CNN affiliate KRON, San Francisco’s policy on undocumented immigrants says that police “shall not detain an individual on the basis of a civil immigration detainer after that individual becomes eligible for release from custody.”

The incredible Orwellian absurdity of these agencies playing hot potato with an immigration scofflaw who already violated our border multiple times should have every American’s blood boiling. This is the system Democrats have built, with plenty of help from their equally dishonest cheap-labor allies in the Republican wing of the open borders movement.

The bottom line is that in both ideology and practice, immigration law isn’t treated as a “real” law. It’s more like a game. Illegal immigration activists bristle at the very notion of saying that their clients have committed any sort of a crime by violating these American laws. They’re also supposed to get a free pass on identity theft, tax evasion, forgery, and every other crime they commit to stay in the U.S. and enjoy its job market and welfare system.

Why is anyone remotely surprised that violent criminals are swept onto our streets by this abject lawlessness, this utter contempt for the idea that citizenship confers duties as well as privileges, this aggressive dereliction of duty by left-wing politicians eager to import an electorate more likely to support them?

The crooks and liars who made a mockery of American citizenship are only temporarily pretending to care about it, a little, because a high-profile example of their deadly treason is making them uncomfortable in the early stages of a presidential election. Illegal aliens carry out a permanent crime wave in American cities, but the media usually buries the stories, or conveniently forgets to mention the immigration status of the perpetrators.

As Mark Krikorian notes at National ReviewSteinle’s murder is hardly the first example of deadly violence by illegals in San Francisco, let alone nationwide:

In 2008, a gang member who was shielded by the city’s sanctuary policies murdered an American father and his two sons. Near Sacramento last year, a previously deported illegal alien who had repeatedly come in contact with police murdered two sheriff’s deputies. (At least in this instance, Republicans in Congress have responded with immigration-enforcement legislation, though it hasn’t yet been passed by either house.) Also in 2008, high school football star Jamiel Shaw was murdered by a DREAMer a day after Los Angeles released the illegal alien (rather than turning him over to ICE) after serving four months for assault with a deadly weapon and battery on a police officer. The Remembrance Project documents those murdered by illegal aliens.

And yet, as Krikorian wryly observes, illegal-alien apologists and open-borders advocates will never be faced with the kind of hectoring media assault Republican presidential candidates have been enduring about the Confederate Flag.

Sad to say, too many Republicans have little to say about the illegal immigration problem, but the Democrat Party is the active and tireless enemy of American citizenship, from top to bottom. Not a single one of them can be trusted to do anything except pay a bit of lip service to problem when they’re backed into a corner by a headline murder.

Even then, they are quick to dissolve into useless blubbering about their usual shibboleths, like gun control (as if any conceivable gun-control law would stop an illegal alien from committing a crime with a weapon that was stolen from a federal agent!) or railing against penny-pinching Republicans (as if Obama might have changed his mind about forcibly “transforming America” and done his duty on the border if he’d been given another trillion dollars to indulge his fantasies and ambitions.)

They’re still eager to conflate legal and illegal immigration, constantly playing mind-controlling word games where illegal aliens are considered indistinguishable from those who do the hard and honorable work of earning U.S. citizenship correctly. Anyone who fails to distinguish between legal and illegal immigration is a vicious liar who does not have the best interests of the American people at heart. At least, their duty to American citizens is not their top priority. It’s no coincidence that politicians who protect illegal immigration seem to have a great deal of trouble remembering they have any “duties” to their legal subjects at all. It’s a consistent mindset, although an ugly one, which is why those who embrace it feel obliged to lie about it constantly.

You own “sanctuary cities,” Democrats. You own illegal immigration. You own Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. This is exactly what you wanted – you calculated that a certain degree of damage to the interests of legal citizens, ranging from lost jobs and appropriated welfare benefits to criminal attacks, was acceptable collateral damage in the pursuit of your ideology and ambitions. If you were honest, you’d say Kathryn Steinle’s unfortunate death was regrettable, but nothing when measured against the glories of open-borders immigration policy, achieved by willfully subverting the clear will of the American people and our system of laws.

But you’re not honest, so we’ll have to put up with a few more days of Democrats who normally treat criticism of illegal aliens as racism and xenophobia pretending to be surprised, and mildly dismayed, by what their policies have wrought, before their media pals get the news cycle rolling along.


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