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Exclusive – Rep. Waltz: Hamas Attack Result of Biden’s ‘Failed’ Iran Policy, Terror in U.S. ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Due to Open Border

Every time President Biden lectures Israel, he is signaling that Hamas’s propaganda is “working,” according to Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL), who blamed Biden’s “failed Iran policy” for the current conflict as he called to “starve [Tehran] of the funds that it’s using to fund terrorism,” and warned that terrorism on American soil is “only a matter of time… as long as this border is wide open.”

Palestinian masked Hamas gunmen hold their guns as they attend a rally in Gaza City.

Exclusive: Rep. Malliotakis Rips Eric Adams ‘Crying’ over NYC Migrant Crisis His Democrat Policies Created

While New York City Mayor Eric Adams may be “crying” about his city’s immigration crisis, he is the one who has been “incentivizing” migrants to choose New York, according to Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY), who offered several ways to end the crisis, including the undoing of executive orders “that allow for our borders to be completely open.”

Brooks - eric adams border crossers

Feds’ Official Tweets Reveal Cruelty of Biden’s ‘Humane’ Border Policies

Official tweets from U.S. Border Patrol sector chiefs reveal the chaos and inhumanity of border security and immigration policies described by the Biden administration as “safe, orderly, and humane.” The tweets illustrate the cruelty human smugglers subject migrants to while exploiting the lax policies that appear to invite illegal crossings.

Groups of migrants totaling more than 1,000 crossed the border near El Paso on Wednesday.