FBN’s Gasparino: Wall Street in Panic over Trump’s Surge

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” network senior business correspondent Charlie Gasparino explained that Wall Street is concerned over real estate mogul Donald Trump’s rise in the presidential polls to guest host Charles Payne.

“The GOP, particularly in the northeast where a lot of the Wall Street guys are – the big donors, they’re basically broken down for three candidates: most of them to Jeb [Bush], some of them to [Marco] Rubio and a certain percentage to [Scott] Walker,” Gasparino said. “What Donald is doing is taking votes and putting himself on stage with those three guys.”

“And here’s where they’re really worried – particularly the Jeb Bush people,” he continued. “They’re really worried he’s going to be on the same stage with them on a debate – I guess the thing in Cleveland is going to be the first debate. And he’s going to sit around and just throw bombs at Jeb and to some extent, Rubio, and to a lesser extent Walker … Right now, these guys – they’re split. They’re saying we should go after Trump directly. The others say, ‘Don’t, lay back.’ The ones that say ‘don’t, layback,’ they say if you’re going to go after him, he’s going to keep gaining. You’re going to get in the mud with him.”

“So this is really a confusing time for the establishment GOP right now given what Trump is doing,” Gasparino added.

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