Uber’s Clever Reply to NY Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Attempt to Hamper Its Growth

Uber (Reuters)
Uber (Reuters)

In a blatant attempt at protectionism for the Big Apple’s taxi companies, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced plans to put the brakes on the growth of the Uber on-demand car service. Uber’s response was immediate and clever.

Uber quickly updated its famed smartphone app to include a new option titled “DE BLASIO.” When Uber users click on it, they find a message that informs them that no cars are available or that wait times are inordinately long. There is also an option to inform users why cars aren’t available that then explains de Blasio’s attempt to limit the company’s growth.

It is a clever way to inform Uber users that Mayor de Blasio has announced plans to put a cap on the amount of cars Uber is allowed to operate in the city.

Uber is acting ahead of a vote in the City Council to consider the implementation of de Blasio’s limits on the transport company.

The popular transportation company has also rushed a TV commercial to the air in New York to inform New Yorkers that de Blasio is quashing jobs and limiting residents’s access to better transportation.

The commercial features Uber drivers testifying as to how the company has improved their lives and given customers far better service.

The company insists that de Blasio is engaging in crony capitalism by protecting the city’s taxis and limo services.

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