Florida Gun Store Owner Bans Muslims in Wake of Chattanooga Attack

Shawna Tova/YouTube
Shawna Tova/YouTube

Florida Gun Supply owner Andrew Hallinan is instituting a ban on selling guns to Muslims who interpret the Koran literally. In making the announcement, he declared his store a “Muslim-free zone.”

His ban also covers any training or services Muslims might have otherwise received.

Hallinan announced the ban in front of a Confederate flag and told CNN he wanted the announcement to “offend as many people as [possible]” in hopes of “[starting] a conversation about the political correctness that has become overly extreme here in the United States and [is] causing loss of life that we could prevent if we looked at Islam for what it is.”

CNN’s Carol Costella responded by saying, “I’m all for conversation, alright, but you’re going one step farther–you’re banning Muslims who follow the Koran from your store. How do you determine which Muslim follows the Koran?”

Hallinan responded by admitting that it is going to be a difficult ban to enforce at all times, precisely because of the difficulty of ascertaining who follows the Koran literally and who doesn’t.

He then said:

I can’t, by law, ask each and every person who comes through my doors what their religious background is. But the ATF expressly gives me the right and authority to deny service to anybody that I feel is a threat for any reason. And it happens on weekly basis that we have people come through the gun shop [and] they pass their background check but they seem a little off. And we make a determination on a case by case basis whether or not we’re going to arm and train these people.

Costella asked Hallinan if he would deny services to “white supremacists” as well, and Hallinan said he “won’t arm and train anyone from the KKK” or “someone from a white supremacy movement or anything like that.”

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