Trump Hits Critic George Will for Failing to Disclose Wife’s Affiliation to Walker Campaign

Will AP

GOP hopeful Donald Trump slammed conservative columnist George Will on Twitter Wednesday for failing to reveal that his wife works for rival Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign.

“Shouldn’t George Will have to give a disclaimer every time he is on Fox that his wife works for Scott Walker?” tweeted Trump on Wednesday. 

Mari Maseng Will is an advisor to Walker’s campaign, according to the Washington Examiner. Will disclosed his wife’s work in a June 3 Washington Post column but didn’t describe her role. The Examiner goes on to note all of the times Will praised Walker as a “pure Reaganite” and the GOP’s “most potent” candidate. He’s certainly not wrong: Walker resonates powerfully with the base and stormed a July 20 Iowa poll.

Will, however, has heaped withering scorn on Trump for years. In 2012, he attacked Mitt Romney for appearing with Trump after the real estate billionaire endorsed him, saying Trump was a “bloviating ignoramus.”

He’s called Trump a lot of names during this campaign cycle, including this odd insult: the “one-man Todd Akin,” as opposed to, say, Akin’s final two-headed form. (Maybe Will’s been reading too much Thomas “Two-Way Staircase” Friedman.)

Will’s wife previously worked for former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as a campaign spokeswoman in 2011, according to Politico.

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